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Effective and high-grade painkillers without a prescription

Pain is not unknown to the World and unfortunately it has become a widespread disease in USA. Of the around 49 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain, a total of 40 to 50 million patients are severely affected and regularly take pills for pain. The most common pain occurs in the back area, for example from long hours of incorrect posture at the computer or repetitive movements during manual work. Whether it’s a hairdresser, a construction worker, a dentist or people who work in an office, poor posture and repetitive movements can hardly be avoided.

Treating chronic pain with physical therapy, biokinetics and massage is effective, but also costs time and money. By the way, stress also plays a role and can make the pain worse. This is the case, for example, with fibromyalgia and we also stock painkillers for this disease in our pharmacy, such as Lyrica from the original manufacturer Pfizer and other analgesics.

Synthetic opioids such as Percocet, Oxycodone and Hydrocodone are also available at USA MEDS SHOP without a prescription and are a great way to combat chronic pain. We offer you the best analgesics on the market, with a generous selection.

Buy painkillers online – save yourself the tedious journey to the family doctor
Making an appointment with your family doctor every time you experience a flare-up of pain is quite annoying. That’s why many of our patients order their painkillers from USA MEDS SHOP. But what other advantages does it offer if you order your painkillers from us:

Far cheaper prices compared to home pharmacies

Buy in bulk and save even more

You do not need a BTM prescription, in the case of Subutex or Vicodin

Order painkillers contact-free with delivery to your door

We ship to any address you provide

Large selection of international pharmaceuticals

Advice from pharmacologists and pharmacists

Fast delivery services so you never have to wait long for your pain pills

30 days return policy

The more medicines you order from us, the more you save, so browse through our other categories, maybe there is something for you. The order quantity is not limited and you can buy as many sedatives as you need. The frequency of your orders doesn’t matter either: at USA MEDS SHOP you are welcome to place orders as often as you like.

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